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  • Well thanks for you outlook Billy, the product i will be making is probably going to only appeal to people who need to screen a lot of soil or compost.

    In the clip it says that the soil was full of roots and lumps of sod, this is why it takes a little longer.

    Have a look at most of the videos online featuring screeners you will see them screening very dry soil with no roots or sod.

    I tried to use the worst material in the video to show it can handle anything you throw at it.

    Yes its small but it was a small prototype that i made to show what the machine can do.

    The screener in the clip is 500mm x 500mm.

    I usually put a trug under it and one at the front to catch the over size.

    Don't dismiss it yet my friend, i think you will all be surprised by the final version.

    Billy if you use the machine nearly everyday would it then be too expensive ?

     wouldnt want to use one of them trommels every day they would be in bits after 3 to 6 months.

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