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Hi i am looking for a bit of feedback regarding a soil sieve i am thinking of manufacturing

Just really want to know is it something you might buy and also how much you would pay for it.

I am not making them at the moment but just testing the market.

Cheers folks

Tony image



  • Interested-yes.

    I feel you may be going about this the wrong way though, give people a clue as to the price, then you will get a better idea who is interested.


  • MrsGardenMrsGarden Posts: 3,951

    Looks interesting. How noisy is it, can you put sound to the video? Does the soil need to be bone dry? Can bits of root / twigs get caught in the mesh? Can it be used for prolonged periods without overheating? I agree that an idea of price is needed.    Good luck, I hope it takes off for you.

  • Hi folks.

    thanks for the replys.

    The price is controlled mainly by the price of the motors at around £300, I am hoping to price the unit at around £500 to £600, the motors are industrial grade so they can run all day without any problem at all.

    The noise of the machine is fine you don't need ear plugs to use it, i would have put the sound on but the mic on the camera isnt the best.

    The soil that i was screening has been there a while and was full of roots and sods of turf that do get stuck in the mesh but you just pull them off as your going, the soil is probably a bad as you can get.

    The soil does not need to be bone dry to go through it, you will find that this machine can basically cope with what ever you throw at it,

    I thought of this idea after being a landscaper for years and having to dispose of soil and bring in screened soil, i was frustrated that there was not anything out there that could screen it as i dug it out, so i decided to make something myself.

    I have other designs but just testing this prototype first before wasting more time and money.

    It maybe more appealing to landscapers etc but i thought its would be an idea to get the opinion of everyday gardeners too.

    I worked out it could probably screen about 2 to 3 tons an hour

    I hope that cleared up a few questions, please give me plenty of feedback and opinions as you can.




  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 14,346

    Quite a neat idea for large volumes. Could you have interchangeable  mesh for screening at different levels ?

    You don't stop doing new things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing new things. <3
  • Hi Fidgetbones

    Yes mesh sizes are going to be 6mm 12mm and 18mm

    but can do special sizes, but would need to check with supplier.

    if your sieveing a lot of soil this is ideal.

  • steephillsteephill Posts: 1,227

    Sounds way too expensive for most people. And it looks a bit small for pro work. Have a look on YouTube for lots of other diy examples using electric saws and all sorts of other motors.

  • Well i am sure that if it isnt within your budget there are sifting alternatives out there.

    If you screen a lot of soil and compost on a regular basis and want to do it a lot faster than by hand then this machine is designed to carry out that task.

    This machine is designed to "last" its has zero wearing parts, the screener may appeal to some people and may not to others.

    Part of the reason i posted on here was to see if it is a viable option and worth while bringing it into production.

    Thanks for you opinion steephill


  • Tony I think without offending you is about £300.00 to expensive also this machine could have a bit more meat to the frame and more of a screen area twice as big also deeper sides so you could really fill it up

    If you’re hoping to sell this as a professional machine I think you should have a better Video plus a write up on the machine including maxi load.

    I also don’t see a emergence button on the machine ??




  • Hi Clueless

    Well thanks for the input but the motors alone are £300 so do you want me to assemble and pay for the metal and other spares for nothing ?

    The machine in the video is merely a small prototype which i put on youtube to see if the idea would appeal to anyone who needs a screened product on a regular basis.

    The machine that i have designed and already built is twice the size and has all the features you stated, i have not released any information on this because its pointless spending alot of money on a product that might not sell, this is why its a homemade video etc.

    I am not going to invest a lot of money and time into a product without a certain amount of  market research, this is why i have gone onto a few forums to see if people would buy it.

    As for "meat" in the frame, that machine was made from 3mm thick mild steel could you bend that ?, a person could easily stand on the machine and not damage it, its made tough for a reason.

    Yes there are machines on the market that screen soil but there won't be a machine on the market like mine and the features it will have.

    I cannot give too much information out on the final version as i would do this once i was in production, a website, good quality video etc. would of course be produced if i was marketing it for sale.

    As i have said before this is a small prototype and not the final version, its just to give people a idea of what the machine would do.






  • Have a look at the Scheppach RS400 Powered Rotary Garden Sieve.  You can view it working on YouTube.  There is a market forn what you have but it must be at the right price.  I have a rotary sieve and it takes ages.  I was thinking of the Scheppach but at £330 its a little pricey.  Having looked at you video compared to the Scheppach, yours seem alot slower.  Hope this doesn't crush your "Dragons Den" moment, but I'm Out!!

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