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Petunias Dying


There seems to be a problem with my Petunia Hanging baskets and I cannot work out what the issue is and the cause.

Looking at websites its looks to be Mildew or Grey Mould?

I've noticed a lot of buds that are wet and deformed and brown, and have removed these.

Can someone look at the pictures to see if I am right and if so, how can I treat it, trouble is I do not want to harm bees.  There is greenfly on my first basket, I bought ladybirds but they all flew away :/

Any advice would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.









  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,143

    Mildew I'm afraid - they are susceptible to it. The mildewd bits will die, so you can cut them back to non-mildewed bits if there are any and if you can keep it reasonably moist and fed, it may come back

    BTW the droopy flowers just need removing - there is nothing wrong there

    I'm coming to the conclusion that petunias are more trouble than they're worth.
    Damaged by a bit of wind or rain, dead-heading is never ending and very gooey, slugs, mildew image

     I've already promised myself to grow  Calibrachoa instead next year

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    Billericay - Essex

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  • Pete thanks for this. image

    Guess I will move to Calibrachoa next year, they look lovey image

  • Is Bayer Fungus Fighter Concentrate safe to use for bees?

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