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Weed or plant?

CFCCFC Posts: 71

I can't remember what seeds I showed in this pot. Are these large leaved things weeds or wild flowers?

As they are growing so well I guess weeds but I know you lot will be able to identify it!



  • CFCCFC Posts: 71 it ragwort?

  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530

    Don't know its name, but it shows up in my garden from to time and I hoick it out.  Gets quite big if you let it.  To my way of thinking, if something I haven't planted grows that big, that fast, with no encouragement from me, it's a weed.

  • CFCCFC Posts: 71

    Thanks....out it goes!

  • Agreed with CFC.... Could be ragwort as the leaves are going characteristically curly around the edges.

    May be worth leaving a while longer to see if it flowers, that is if It's not restricting the growth of other plants.

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  • CFCCFC Posts: 71

    Thanks Dave!

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