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How deep should I plant potted jerusalem artichokes?


I bought a pot of jerusalem artichokes yesterday, having not yet found anywhere selling just the tubers. The plants are about 2 feet tall and in a tall but narrow pot.

Having read how to grow them, the suggestion is to earth them up once they are about a foot tall, so I'm wondering how deep to plant them.

Should I plant them so that about 10" of the foliage is buried? That seems likely to be sturdier in terms of support than burying them to the level they are in the pot and then earthing up.

They will be going against a wall in a sunny but relatively sheltered position so should get some support/protection from the wall

Also, what depth of soil do they need below them? I know tubers are planted about 6" deep and a foot apart but I can't find whether the tubers grow up, down or sideways. It would be helpful to know so I don't put them too close to anything else.

Last question: I thought I would see what they look like once I get them out of the pot, but if it looks like a close bundle of tubers should I separate them or just plant them as they are in the pot?

Thanks for any help



  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    I would plant them about 4" deeper than the level of the soil in the pot, no more.  They grow sideways underground and once you have them you will have them forever as you always seem to miss the odd tuber when harvesting them!  Lovely roasted but they aren't known as 'fartichokes' for nothing! image

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • Thanks Bob. I know you can't get rid and I'm thinking they will be of more use as a screen than a major part of our diet, but they are so hard to find in the shops up here (we don't have Waitrose, which is where I've only ever seen them) and I do like them in a Delia soup recipe.

    I guess I need to be good at sifting through the ground though.......image

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