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I'm no gardener, and need help with suggestions, please!

Jenna1Jenna1 Posts: 2

imageHello everyone,

We've recently had the patio sorted in our garden.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that we have a tiered garden (living at the very top of a hill), which has resulted in a large retaining wall.  I want to grow a plant up the wall to reduce the starkness of the wall.  Happy to put up trellis/wall wire etc.

However, Im no gardener, so need suggestions please.

Its an East facing wall, with unlimited direct sunshine from sunrise until about 13.00, sunlight until about 17.00 and then shaded until sunset.

I need suggestions for a plant that will:

Grow quickly

Is hardy enough to cope with a poor gardener

Lasts for a good few years

Flowers for a fair period in the summer (not just a fortnight)

Comes in colours other than orange (sorry, just not a fan!)

I would really welcome any suggestions, please.  My mom suggested I try this board as everyone has always been very helpful.

Many thanks :)


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  • Mary370Mary370 Limerick, Ireland Posts: 2,003

    Firstly you will have to put a trellis for the plant to climb, there are some lovely climbing roses, but I imagine you would have to plant it into a large container and place it next to the border, as it looks very narrow.  There are several clematis you could use also.  The roses would flower much longer than the clematis, but you could grow a clematis through the rose and have early Spring colour.  You would have to be prepared to water and feed the plants very regularly.

  • Jenna1Jenna1 Posts: 2

    Thanks for replying.

    Im happy for trellising to go on to the wall, so that's not an issue.

    The border closest to the camera in the photo is 11 inches wide, but the border at the bottom of the wall face on is just shy of 2 foot wide. Neither is particularly deep (about 14 inches of guess) as the borders were put there to hide a mess at the bottom of the retaining wall.

    Thanks :)

  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 4,053

    I suggest a small, repeat flowering climbing rose. Have a look at the David Austin site. Add a spring flowering clematis for added interest. This would be a five year plan. Nothing is particularly quick growing but for the first few years you could grow sweet peas or golden hop up it until the permanents get going.

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