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Runner beans

Can someone give me some advise. 

Its my first time of growing my own runner beans all the flowers were growing then over night half my beans have wilted and died so upset my daddy always did them for me and he never had a problems just taken the photo and it looks like they are all going to dieimage????????


  • GrannybeeGrannybee Posts: 328

    Has the stem been broken or chewed through at the base? It looks as though it has and the hot sun has finished it off. The other plants looks healthier though. Oh dear.  You might be able to pick up replacement beans in the garden centre.

  • Thank you so much should I take the dead ones out please 

  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,974

    If it were mine, I'd snip off the dead bits, they'll only rot and may cause infection.
    Have a look right towards the bottom of the dead stems - can you see any fresh new green shoots?
    If so, cut to just above them and it may re-grow.
    If it's completely dead cut it off at the compost level.
    If you do find some other beans to replace it with (you may get away with sowing some fresh now), then remove the dead one with a trowel (so the roots are cut, minimizing disturbance to the other plant roots) to make a space for the new one. Keep well watered
    Looks like the variety White Lady - which is what I'm growing this year.

    Good luck

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