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Splitting golden oregano

James230James230 Posts: 8

We have just finished a stream into our pond and are looking to landscape around it, golden oregano grows well elsewhere in the garden and is nice and bright - is it too late to split some of these existing plants and start to plant up the new area?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,341

    I done exactly that a couple of weeks ago James - around part of my new little pond - only about 3ft.
    I had pulled a clump up as it was choking another plant and just broke bits off, poked them in, gave them a water and wished them luck.
    The top growth just went limp and didn't recover, but new shoots are appearing already from the root, so I'd say cut it right back to an inch or so and go for it

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  • James230James230 Posts: 8

    Thanks Pete, I'll give it a go, I had thought of cutting back before re planting.

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