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Container screen planting and wildlife

Hi there, I am in desperate need of help. I am buying a lovely house but the back concrete yard leaves a lot to be desired. I want to create a wildlife haven with evergreen shrubs that will screen from the neighbors and some colour easy to manage flowers. I am not an experienced gardener so need to be fairly low maintenance. Everything has to be in containers as all concrete and I would love to attract the wildlife too.

Bit of a tall order really but any help you could give me on where to start would be very appreciated. Put some pics on so you can get an idea of space. Manyimageimage thanks


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  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,149

    That's a gorgeous space for containers. You can keep trees in large pots for a few years, providing you regard them as a temporary feature and not something to keep for decades. Some fruit trees come in patio sizes and will give you good blossom in the spring as well as (maybe) fruit later in the year. Bay will grow quite large and will provide you with leaves for cooking. Eunonymus comes in numerous colour ranges and will give you evergreen cover throughout the year. Clematis can be grown in a large container and will scramble over the fences with blossoms and seed heads for interest.

    Take a peek at the neighbours gardens to see what grows well in your area. If you suffer from wind (and who doesn't) don't get anything tall and thin like a conifer as you will be forever picking it up and buying replacement pots.

    Winter cold and wet can be death to container grown plants. I'm not a fan of feet for pots but sometimes its the best solution to avoid waterlogging.

    A mixture of leaf shapes and shades will add interest. Mix in a few deciduous plants so you get the best of all worlds.

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