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Aeonium succulent is dying? Help!

Alice.BAlice.B Posts: 4

Hello, i noticed a few days ago that the bottom of my aeonium stem was going brown, but not mushy and still hard. i tried to search it up but couldn't find anything so i decided to leave it, but it got worse. While i was watering my plants, i decided to water it too, not knowing that summer is their dormant stage... they aren't meant to be watered in summer apparently. During the night after i watered it, it got considerably worse.. What do i do? I could take cuttings and save the rosettes, but i do like it as a tree. Is there any way of saving it that way? does it still have a chance? I could take the whole plant out and let the roots dry out but i'm not sure. The rosettes still looking happy and healthy, but the bottom leaves are dying faster than they should be.image


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 9,869

    I don't know the plants at all Alice, but I'm afraid it looks like stem rot for whatever reason - usually watering related is the cause then a virus or fungus takes hold.
    With the stem in that state I can see the plant surviving as no water will be able to get to the plant from the roots anymore.
    My suggestion would be to get as many cuttings as you can, and grow a little forest of aeonium trees :)

    See what others have to say first though

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  • Alice.BAlice.B Posts: 4

    Thanks so much for the kind reply, I will probably make a little aeonium forest when I get home if there are no other options :) 

  • Alice.BAlice.B Posts: 4

    Okay! Thanks for the reply- I'll dig it up and post some photos, as I'm not sure what rot in the roots looks like exactly :) 

  • Alice.BAlice.B Posts: 4

    The stem is hard not squishy, but I think i'll take cuttings anyway- do you know the kind of light the cuttings are meant to get? I've done some successful cuttings before but i'm not an expert image I stupidly left it outside as i went out, but now the leaves have gone all floppy.. should I wait for them to harden up before cutting or will they be ok?

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