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New Black currants growing too fast

Hi all

In April a friend gave me 20 cuttings from her ribes.

It was too wet to till or harrow so I stuck them a pot with grow mix. well they've taken a huge jump in growth but their roots are very tender and probably wouldn't survive a transplant.

should I cut back the new growth and leave just one or two leaves?

Also if I do trim can I propogate with those cuttings?

It would be fun to have a big hedge of black curate.




  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,441

    I would just let them grow this year until they go dormant. When all the leaves have fallen off, transplant to final position. Cut them down to six inches. Use the cut off wood as hardwood cuttings. Put in a slit trench where you want the hedge to be

  • altitudealtitude Posts: 2

    thanks fidget. this is all new to me.

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