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Hi there! Novice gardener here I'v been trying to do my garden corner by corner. Off to the local nursery tomorrow but I'm wondering what I should be doing here? I intend to get all the weeds out tomorrow and get the soil ready for planting . The area is partially shaded and soil seems quite clumpy with clay . Any ideas on what I should be planting would be greatly appreciated. Unsure if I should be buying shrubs , flowers or what . 

Hope the photo works image


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    Are the large stones are staying? What is the size? Shrubs can work as well. 

  • I think I'm going to keep the large stones. My neighbour also mentioned that shrubs might be better for me as they're a bit more low maintance (I work long hours)   any ideas on shrubs?  I have 2 in the garden I like loads so quite keen on the shrub idea


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    For an evergreen shrub, maybe a Daphne, they have scented flowers and are great in shape. Consider some interest on the walls. I recommend Chaenomeles, the ornamental quince. There are numerous varieties, with lovely early spring flowers followed by leaves and sometimes ornamental fruits. They will look great against the wall, especially in the spring time.

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  • Thanks for that Borderline. I'm away to google image both as we speak! 

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