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Buxus leaves brown/yellow

Afternoon Everyone

I have a problem with 4 of my buxus balls, the leaves are going yellow/brown and dying off. I am not sure if it is box blight, I don't see the fungus under any leaves and the black stripes. The buxus are in large terracotta pots. 

Any ideas on what and how to save my plants would be appreciated.




Kind regards



  • The box in pic 2 suggests they've been very well maintained and watered sufficiently.

    The unusual browning down one side of that plant is very typical of blight.

    A couple of customers have grown them in pots and when they've had too much Sun and not enough water, they go yellow and eventually brown in exposed areas and  the whole plant suffers eventually. Yours appear different as it's clear you've looked after them, so something else is the issue and box blight is spreading rapidly ?

  • stevebtystevebty Posts: 2

    Many thanks for the feedback. 

    I'm moving the plants around and watering more frequently. 

    Do you know of any fungi treatment for blight?

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