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Aftercare of lilies

DhillonDhillon Posts: 3

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum and have a question about caring for lilies after they have flowered. Not sure what sort of lilies I have, some are about 5ft tall and purple (see first pic) and the others are 3ft and orange (second pic). Again I don't remember planting them but I must have at some point, they were a nice surprise anyway!



Once the flowers have bloomed and start dropping away what should I do with the flower bud that is left? See in the below pic circled in red. I have searched the internet and cannot find an exact answer, some say cut the stem but non mention the actual flower bud:


Finally how far down should the plant be pruned once all foliage has died and autumn/winter arrives.

Thanks for reading my post.



  • i10ki10k Posts: 23


    I asked a more knowledgeable friend this very question recently.  The advice I was given was to snap it off once the petals have dropped, so that the plant concentrates its energy into the bulb for a bigger and better display next year, rather than producing seed.

    As I thought snapping them off made it look untidy, I nipped the stalk off with secateurs where it forks from the main stem.

    I've left the main stem and leaves alone as they remain healthy and green.  Once they wilt and begin to die back later in the year, I'll probably tidy up by cutting near the base - will leave a bit of stem sticking up though so I remember where they are and don't inadvertently put a spade through the bulbs!

    I'm sure someone more experienced than me will pop along shortly with a more complete answer for you - very helpful bunch here! :-)



  • DhillonDhillon Posts: 3

    Hello I,

    Thanks for your suggestions. Nipping the stalk near the stem sounds good. I also read about how nipping the flower stalk or stem help concentrate its energy into the bulbs. Good idea on the keeping the main stem as a marker before cutting it lower at the end of the year.

    All good ideas! Will see if anyone has any more tips :0)


  • B3B3 South East LondonPosts: 24,049

    Glad you asked that D. I was wondering what to do with mineimage

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  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,058

    Take that bit you've circled off, but take it right back to the main stem. That allows the plant to build up rather than trying to produce a seedhead.  Leave all the stems in situ and let them die back naturally, as you would with most bulbs. You can then remove them - they'll come away in your hand without too much bother - and that's usually quite late on in the year. If you grow them in pots, you can pop them out of the way in a sheltered spot to let them die down, as they aren't the most attractive thing in the world while they do that!

    If you like, you can leave the dead stems in place until the new growth starts to come through next year as it provides some places for overwintering insects. image

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  • DhillonDhillon Posts: 3
    Hi Fairygirl,
    When you say
    "Leave all the stems in situ and let them die back naturally, as you would with most bulbs."
    do you mean the tall main stem?
    @B3 glad it helped!

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