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Kitchen Herb plants

im very new to gardening and owning plants so please be patient with me :)

I have in the past bought little basil and parsley plants for my kitchen (mainly to give to my rabbit)
But they always seem to die and i don't know what i'm doing wrong.

They just seem to stop flowering and then turn brown and die.

I watered them every day, they sat on the kitchen side for sunshine, and i've even tried using plant feeder and used the instructions to make sure i wasn't giving too much or too little.

Id prefer to obviously grow my own herbs but im not having much luck and im abit fed up of buying the plants for them to die.

Advise would be greatly appreciated, id like to know where im going wrong and what i can do to have a healthy plant.


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,652

    Are you buying the 'growing herb' pots from supermarkets? If so they are usually planted far too densely in their pots to survive. I normally get them home, immediately take them out of the pot, split them into about 4 small clumps and then re-pot in slightly bigger pots and in decent multi-purpose compost and water well.

    If it's basil, keep them on a sunny windowsill, water in the morning so they don't sit in water at night (they tend to rot).

    Parsley I put in quite deep pots (it has a long root, like a parsnip), and keep them outside, watering once or twice a week unless it's very hot.

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    gemmacotton54 says:

    They just seem to stop flowering and then turn brown and die.

    See original post

     There's the clue Gemma. These are short-lived plants. They grow, they flower and set seed for the next generation, then they die.
    You can prolong their life by keep removing the flowers. The plants are programmed to produce seed, then die. So they will keep trying to do that until they become exhausted and give up.
    The best plan is to sow some fresh seed every month, then you'll have a year-round supply.
    Basil likes to be kept sunny, warm and humid. Parsley prefers it a bit cooler

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