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Guidance on plant spacing

I have a question on how far apart you space plants. I'm planning a new border and want some general advice.

Most plants come with advice on their spread and how far apart to plant. If it's a permanent fixture, like a tree or shrub, I probably would stick to the guidance. But what about annual bedding plants? I ask this as I've planted some Calendula. It said to space them 30cm apart, but now they look like individual plants and not like the drift that I hoped. Is it with annuals you can place much closer together than advised?

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  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Posts: 8,210

    Yes, you can certainly plant them closer together.  Municipal displays of "carpet bedding" have the individual plants just a few inches apart.  The closer they are, the more you'll need to water and feed them though, as they will compete with each other.

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