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I have some espalier apple tree's I'm growing they are at the top wire was wondering if I could remove the top now so the side branches can grow out. I will do the pruning in late july.


  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Posts: 7,941

    If you summer prune your espaliers too early, they will put on more growth before winter.  I wait until this year's shoots (the ones you'll be pruning) are fairly stiff at the bottom.  When that is, depends on where you live; here (in the Pennines) it's often not until August.  I think I'd probably wait and prune out the top at the same time as the shoots on the side branches.

    If you've got time next spring, you could just rub out the growth buds growing out of the top as they begin to come into growth - that should put more of the tree's efforts into extending the side branches, and lessen your work next summer.  image

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