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Is it necessary to cut back/prune Clematis?  I have recently bought 2 which will flower in Spring and Autumn, do they need regular cutting or can they be left to scramble away?  


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    Clematis are divided into groups Mary and have different pruning requirements.
    If you let us know the names of the clematis I'm sure we can advise on the best pruning methods for you.

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    HI Mary- as Pete syas, if you know which varieties you have, it makes it easier to help. Do you mean the large flwoering types which flower a couple of times in the year, or one which is spring flowering and one which is autumn flowering?

    The most important thing, apart from finding a good spot to grow, is to try and train them horizontally as well as letting them go up, so that you get a better display of flowers.

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    They are Miss Bateman and The President, I have 2 well established C. Montana, but I don't think I should intermingle the new ones with them as I rarely if ever prune them, maybe I should start, always been nervous pruning, I always seem to do it at the wrong time and miss the following years flowers.

    I didn't realise that Clematis could flower twice in the one year, I understand that these do, but need pruning after first flowering, so I need to be careful where I put them.  Not sure I can train them horizontally as the only have a single stem, actually, not sure what to do with them now I have them.image They are quite weedy looking actually, perhaps I should put them on and plant them out next.  


    I was wondering if I could plant one of them with a recently planted Honeysuckle?  

    Advice needed please.

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