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My Clematis Violette is looking poorly

I have a wall with 3 clematis and the Minuet did not do so well this year.

The Violette has been absolutely splendiferous suberba. A mass of deep purple flowers.

The minuet has already started to die off and now the Violette is showing little white blotches on the flowers.

I fed them long term granula clematis food.

Last Saturday I fed all the flowers with Tomata food.

Was that the wrong thing to do?

What is wrong with my beautiful Violettes.


  • Powdery mildew, it happens when the plant is stressed, for example if the roots are dry.

  • Erica68Erica68 Posts: 65

    Thank you Richard

    They have had a really good watering and all the dead bits taken off. Now, Hopefully, they will have renewed vigour!

    Cheers, Heather

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