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Sign of Life and Strawberry Roots

mj07776mj07776 Posts: 4

Bought some Strawberry roots a couple of weeks ago (I know it is the wrong time but they were 5p each) and wonder how long should I keep hoping they will start growing before giving up and throwing them in the green bin?


  • mj07776mj07776 Posts: 4
    philippa smith2 says:

    Just roots or any sign of growth ?  At 5 p each, why not pot them up and see what happens ?  You were obviously prepared to give them a go otherwise you wouldn't have bought them I assumeimage

    See original post

     Thanks, I have done, it is now two weeks and i can see no signs of green leaves, I just wonder when I should give up and withdraw life support.

    I might just put them outside and see what happens.

  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782

    I'd leave them a long time yet and see what happens.  I was about to tip out a stawberry pot with nothing happening whilst the others were going great guns and suddenly a few days ago up came a shoot and leaves and they're looking very perky, but small still. 

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