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biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,017

I have 3 beautiful figs on my 3yr old tree, please can you tell me how to tell when they are ripe. Also do I need to feed a fig, and how do I care for it maintaining the baby fruit in Winter. Last year they all fell off except these 3.


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    You can't maintain the baby fruit.  They are the second crop which never ripen outdoors in the UK.  The figs which usually grow to maturity are tiny in comparison (smaller than a pea) during the winter.  They are in the leaf axils at the end of the shoots.

    You did remember to pinch out the shoots after about five leaves before mid-summers day, didn't you?

  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,017

    Thank you so much for helpful info. Baby figs should ripen in Normandy -At least the Garden Centre and Garden Mag I get weekly say they do. Should I fleece the plant?? It is in an enormous pot against a SW Wall and boasts Borage as a Companion plant and a self sown Flax Flower. They make a happy trio! No I did not know about pinching out the shoots - Too late now (Is it??) and do you cut them back to nearest bud like roses.

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