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Flowering Cherry Tree

I have had a flowering cherry tree in a large pot for about 10 years.  However, this year, after flowering beautifully in the spring,  the leaves are now covered in what looks to be small bits of mould.  I first thought it was some kind if bug that had laid its eggs and sprayed with a bug killer, but when that had no effect I discovered that when touched the white seemed to powder and had nothing inside it, so only assume that it is some kind of mould.  The leaves have all turned brown now, except for about 2 dozen reasonably new ones, and the tree looks to be in a very sorry state, I fear that I may have lost it.  Anyone got any ideas?

Carolyn, Lincoln


  • mushermusher Posts: 389

    It sounds like powdery Mildew, It''s not dead, it will recover. You may have  less flower next Spring thats the minus. Any leaves around your tree  now clean them up and discard them well away from your garden..

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