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Cucamelon (Melthoria Scabra)

So as of right now I have one hardy Cucamelon outside, with a single fruit on it - what has gotten me confused though is that the fruit itself looks NOTHING like any other cucamelon i have ever seen in a picture. Any input would be appreciated.


Also, I have a Eden's Gem Muskmelon growing nearby it - Is it possible to cross pollinate a cucamelon with either cucumbers or muskmelon to change the expression of the fruit?


  • Melothria scabra* Sorry for double post! it wont let me edit.

  • To anyone interested in following this strange fruit, I have new pictures of the same Cucamelon from earlier, and a brand new picture of just a baby cucamelon fruit! imageimage

    That's all i have for now, I'm 100% sure it has way more cantaloupe genetics due to it's growth pattern.

  • Jason millyJason milly Posts: 546

    Hello I am growing cucamelons this year for the first time mine have many fruits on them as on seed packets , I don't think you're is a cucamelon the stem is to thick more like a normal cucumber , cucamelon have very thin stems , were did you buy your seeds .

  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150

    Hi Bobinapples.  I have to agree with Jason, you have some kind of curcubit growing there, but it's not a cucamelon.  The stems of a cucamelon are very thin and threadlike with tiny springy tendrils.  The fruits are grape sized, smooth skinned, with watermelon type markings.

    I don't think this is a cross pollination issue from within your garden. I think you've been sold the wrong seeds.  How big were they? Cucamelon seeds are very small, comparable in size to sesame seeds.

    Sorry I can't help ID your mystery plant. I've never grown melons.... only cucamelons, cucumbers and courgettes.

  • Jason millyJason milly Posts: 546

    I am growing melons this is not a melon where did you buy the seeds .

  • Thanks for the response guys. I bought the seeds off of the internet and they look almost identical to cucumber seeds, probably a shady seller since I don't recall offhand (This was a while ago, I had just started ordering seeds and was not prudent about my sources). I have tried searching high and low for what this strange plant really is, and I ate the one shown yesterday (the picture i provided earlier is a mature fruit) and the taste actually matched up to what cucamelons are described to taste like - a lime-y cucumber as i've read. The tanginess was overwhelming, and it had a cucumber taste that was nearly artificial in it's strength.

    I have another one that is maturing at the moment and still has the little black spikes all over it. I looked up Cucurbits but nothing really struck me as being similar. I am somewhat of the opinion that this could be a cucamelon that was bred through mixing cantaloupe and cucucumber, and whoever sold it to me just stole a picture of the traditional watermelon/cucumber cross since the actual pictures of it would not be nearly as novel. (I mean, this looks like a potato, but eats like a really thick fleshed cucumber that was dunked in lime juice)

    I'm pretty close to sending a seed sample in to clemson university (just a few miles down the road from me) and getting it analyzed.

  • imageI meant to provide this picture along with it. That is the mature fruit. Maybe it is some kind of cucurbit, but what boggles my mind is how the seed looks and the hardiness of the vine and leaf itself, as being very pest and disease resistant, fits all of the standards given for it to be a cucamelon.image

  • The little fruit looks exactly like the gherkins I am growing. Sorry but no idea what the mystery thing is ..

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