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Brown hornbeam tree leaves

I'm wondering what's causing this, and what to do.  These two trees were planted on a slant in our lake entrance.  They were just planted last year.  It's very Sunmy and can be quite hot and windy on Lake St Louisimageimage

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  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    What kind of soil is it grown in? I know that hornbeam can be quite tolerant of heavier and dampish soils, but wondered where it's quite a young plant and still not properly established and the roots are quite damp. The marks don't look like wind scorch. Maybe some kind of burn, a chemical burn of some kind, that's the other possibility.

  • monica32monica32 Posts: 2

    Interesting.  I know they get sprayed by "mosquito squad" but only a few leaves are like that.  My husband also put in some food spikes for tree bushes, but the spots started before that.

    Re: the soil, the other 2 trees that are next to them on the flat are doing great, they have really full foliage.  These 2 are on the top of a slant so they drain heavily, so I have to focus on watering them.

    thank you!

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