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Identification please

JanipoosJanipoos Posts: 6


I have this plant 'invading' from my neighbour's garden. I think it may be white briony which I believe is poisonous? It has long tendrils, little creamy white flowers and is now producing berries. 

Need to know if it is poisonous as have visiting grandchildren!

Thanks Jan imageimage


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,160

    Bryonia dioica, White Bryony

    Poisonous but poisoning rare because it doesn't taste good

  • Definitely looks like White Bryrony (Bryonia dioica). The berries are poisonous and the tubers especially so.

    As long as you keep the kids away from it you should be fine. The berries aren't ripe so will no doubt be incredibly bitter so a natural deterrent in itself.

    So many garden plants are incredibly poisonous but as long as they're treated with respect and care when kids around there's very little to worry about.

  • Sorry, have been doing several things at once tonight and already know of the potential for Black Bryrony (Dioscorea communis) to cause severe skin irritation, blisters and possible photosensitivity issues upon contact with sap from broken stems, but didn't think of this at the time of posting.

    It seems White Bryrony has a similar capability. Best to make sure the kids don't end up playing around in it ! 

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