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Large, 50 year old (ish) Acer - possible removal?

Hi folks (3rd time today - sorry!!).

My mother has this huge Acer in her front garden - it's approximately 50 years old and several metres wide. Quite possibly a Palmatum and an Atropurpureum at that (actually, something more akin to a Crimson Queen if I recall), but I can't provide specific details (we live 60 miles away - I'll ask her to take a leaf photo, or at least bring a leaf up with her next time she visits).

She now wants to get rid of it - she offered it to us, but we'd struggle to find the time (and space) to organised that (as much as I'd love it!!).  She's therefore asked me if I could enquire as to the possibility of somebody taking it away (even selling it if feasible??).

I'm sure it wouldn't be an easy job, but I've no idea how she would go about selling it (or if not, paying someone to remove it for her).  Attached a couple of pics she's sent me (two larger ones - and two smaller ones I've just noticed when I accessed my photos - I'd forgotten about this smaller acer).

Many thanks.





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    That's a useful link to the similar thread.

    I guess if you looked for landscape gardeners who work in your mum's area, you might find one who'd be prepared to take on the removal of a tree that size - as has been said on the other thread, it will involve a lot of work - and perhaps agree to receive the acer in payment...  it would be useful if they could be persuaded to make good the area they'd excavated, too!

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    Thanks folks. Just read that other thread - does sound cautionary. 

    Just a query at this stage, really to gauge whether it's a total no no, or worth asking around further.

    I'd prefer her to leave it be - it's essentially as old as the house (and a tree I grew up with) - pruning an option?


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    Aye - I've seen the cost of some of these...astonishing.  Lovely trees/plants mind (we have six Acers here - the Aureum is such a fast grower...!)

    I think part of her was hoping that someone (experienced) would buy it off her with the amount of work involved figured into the price - feasible?

    I'll have a word with her about it!

    Many thanks.

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