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kelmartkelmart Posts: 13

We have several rose bushes however this year they seem to have gone quite leggy , any ideas or tips for thickening them up ? 

We also have a lovely ruby red rose bush which for the last 3 years has flowered well , this year however the flowers have turned a very pale pink almost white ? 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    If you have leggy roses, it might be best to cut some of the branches down to half in the growing season. They grow back quite fast in the hotter months. However, most the the main shaping should be done in early spring time. Try to cut off dead or weak looking branches right down to the lowest point. Then cut many of the main stems down to around 8-12 inches from the base. On some of the older roses, this may be too servere so, if in doubt, cut down to 15-20 inches. Cutting too hard may also kill the rose if it's extremely old.

    Colour in roses can be quite complicated. Soil type, the amount of sun, weather and temperature all have a factor in causing a rose to change colour. Excessive rain can lighten roses as they're about to bloom. 

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