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Gravel under a tree?

Hi everybody

This must be a common problem.

I have a lovely Acer tree in my very small front garden. It has reached 10ft tall by 6ft wide, and I suspect this is close to the maximum size. It is so dense that it throws heavy shade on the lawn, which as a result has become a mixture of moss and straggly weeds.

I'm thinking of replacing the grass with decorative gravel around the tree, spreading in a circle from the trunk to the perimeter of the tree. Is this a good idea, and how far do the tree's roots spread?

Many thanks, Andrew.


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,121

    Why don't you reduce the size and thin out the tree ; this will have no detrimental affect on its growth for next year , and will probably improve the appearance of your lawn . You don't mention the species of Acer , but 10' high is by no means maximum stature for most of them .

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