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Rose called Tranquillity

I am trying to decide on my new shrub rose and have shortlisted Tranquillity.  If anyone knows it can you please advise flowering length and rain tolerance and anything else you would like to share about it.  



  • Thanks Paul.  I have checked out all the reviews from the sellers.  Just want to know the reality about the flowering season.  For example, I have Champagne Moment in my garden and it flowers from early June through to November but in the literature says June to September.  It also has quite a large resting time mid July to mid August (as do most I think).  I have recently seen the rose at David Austen gardens and I was told that it was one of the most floriferous roses.  So just wondering whether it is really.

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    In regards to flowering and gaps, it depends on a combination of how your soil type, how much sun your roses get and how you shape and prune/deadhead your roses. Also, sometimes, a very warm spell can cause a sudden cluster of blooms and then they all fade at similar time leaving a resting period for the next blooms to develop.

    From my experience, a rose's performance can vary from year to year. Very difficult to judge. 

  • I have tended to prune more than to the next leaf bud when deadheading so the new buds form on stronger stems and they are not too leggy - would that cause the next flush to take longer?  I am finding that this 1st flush is fabulous this year - very little rain and little wind to dampen them.  

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    You are correct, if you cut further down you create a stronger stem and there tends to be a slightly bigger gap in flowering times, but there tends to be a bigger cluster from that. Like I said, it depends on how you want to prune your shrub. The first initial flush in early summer tend to always be the best, and beyond that for many repeat flowering ones, you tend to get them more sporadically. 

    My view is any pale tones always look worse for wear after a storm or heavy rain. Roses that tend to do better are the smaller flowering heads. If you have huge flowers, water will weigh it down.

  • Thanks, Tranquillity is a lighter, smaller flower than my huge blooms on Champagne Moment.  Husband constantly complains about the large petals all over the lawn.  I think I will go for Tranquillity in my new garden.

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    Yes, I noticed the flowers are a nice compact size. Good luck, I hope it turns out to be the right choice for you.

  • Thanks

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    I hope it does well for you, but you might find you need to spray for blackspot.  I had it a few years and blackspot got the better of it, and it was removed, but most of my roses here in East Anglia get it from late June onwards... I don't spray, so I put up with it for the most part, but that one got it pretty bad...

    Nice blooms though, it will climb if you put it on an obelisk, as I did...  best wishes, enjoy your rose and don't let me put you off at all... but do try and grow it in as much sun as you can, it will help a lot..


    East Anglia, England
  • Thanks for that tip and that's a lovely photo of the bloom.  

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