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  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 983

    OUCH!!! I'm not mean as intimmated, just not good with technology and I do not want to spend out on something that I do not understand. Quite happy to pay if it fits the bill. I have half an acre of lawn and gravel, so a joyful blank canvas. I have started with structural planting, but need ideas to infill vast tracts of green and gravel, playing with shapes -light and shade. I just felt an App would help. Better House and Gardens do a nice one, but I was looking for alternatives.

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  • KT53KT53 South WestPosts: 6,820

    I did a quick search for professional garden design software.  One from the USA is over £1000, and the other UK based product is pricing on request (which to me translates as very expensive).

  • Papi JoPapi Jo Brittany, France Posts: 3,573


    So you have a 2,000 m² area of lawn and gravel as a blank canvas. I don't think what you need urgently is a piece of garden design software (especially is you are "not good with technology" in your own terms). I would advise seeking advice from a professional garden designer. They usually have a whole range of formulas to choose from, with a wide range of costs. Alternatively you might contact a reliable nursery. If you plan to place a sizeable order for plants, you will get a garden plan into the bargain.

    Whatever you do, I strongly advise making a plan. I'm amazed by the fact that no-one these days would dream of building a house without consulting with an architect and drawing plans, but people create gardens by planting trees, shrubs etc. haphazardly with no plan.image

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  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 32,356

    Dare I suggest using a Garden Designer?

    No app is going to factor in such things as , budget, site issues such as levels, soil conditions, climatic conditions, long term maintenance, building / planning regulations for any structural work etc etc etc.

  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 983

    Thanks for all the great advice. Have found 2 good american sites as only want ideas to work from as have made 3 gardens from scratch before. This is just a fun challenge. -I moved with 310 plants instead of the 60 chosen! Rose Garden is in. Raised beds are in. Back Flower Border for Spring and Autumn is in. Fruits Bed is in -Now  am challenged with S/W facing bank with dry neutral clay soil. and I would like to do something with the gravel area which surrounds the house. Only been here 2 months so have a achieved alot and all 310 plants in!! So far have added Rock Roses/Day Lilies/Teddy Bear Conifers/Grasses/Red Hot Pokers/Geums/and potentillas to bank plus Azaleas for height. All very happy.

  • Papi JoPapi Jo Brittany, France Posts: 3,573

    Ah, you had not mentioned in your previous posts that you were an experienced gardener.image So you put more than 300 plants in within 2 months, quite an achievement!

    We are looking forward to pictures of your garden. And what are those US sites you mention in your post?

    You are invited to a virtual visit of my garden (in English or in French).
  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 983

    Papi Jo -Sorry for Silence. If someone can tell me how to upload photos from Picassa to this site -I will happily show you what I have done before. It is the Bank and the Gravelled Area which are new to me. Tablet with computer technician so have lost US site info -Will give details to you asap.

  • Hi,

    Have you tried Shoot gardening's planner? I was thinking of trying it, there is a free trial with limited plants etc. The full version is £36 a year. Looks like you can add plants and directory contains 10,000.


  • KT53KT53 South WestPosts: 6,820

    I did try the free version a few years ago and didn't think much of it.  It may have improved since then.  As it's a freebie why not try and see how you get on.  Part of the problem for me was our long narrow garden which wouldn't scale up to anything useful on size.

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