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Rotten bulb



Hi guys, really Need your Help !!!

i bought a new Calla lily (zantedeschia ) plant few weeks ago. had a watering schedule every 3/4 days, soil was never overwatered. Today found white tiny bugs at the button of the pot (I know it's a sign of ovewatering), plus some leaves went yellow. I Took the plant out of the pot (soil was dry-ish) but the bulb itself began to rot and was covered in white bugs. 

Please Help, what should I do To save the plant ??? imageimageimage


  • The plant is still alive. They have a dormancy period in which all the leaves fall off... that bulb looks alive. They develop rotten dead skin on their undersides with age. The roots are alive and the plant looks healthy. If you are worried about that dead skin just rub it off gently... you can use some new sterile soil and plant the bulb in it... but I think it’s going dormant. Clean it off and let the leaves fall off as the yellow. As long as the bulb (tuber) is not mushy and or liquified it should be stored in a rool temperature dry location for at least 3 months but four would be better. That’s zantedescia elliotiana because of the flat tuber as Z. Aetheopica has a long more rhizomatous tuber. If you clean the tuber off just be sure not to break off the growing tops on its top. Also they eventually separate into individual entities... at that point the connective tissue will soften and fall away. But as long as there is no brown foul smelling mush all the way through the tuberous root it should survive... 
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    you may be too late, that post is 2 years old :) 

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