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Discount tickets for Gardeners World Live

Heavy advertising in the Gardener's World Magazine about discounted tickets for Gardeners World Live so I bought a pair for myself and my wife ,satisfied that I had obtained the tickets at a discounted price . Shock  two weeks before the show discounted tickets were being advertised on a regular website for half price ?.why .I am sure that I am not alone seeing the same advert ,so next year if I choose to go to the show I might wait for the chance to go HALF PRICE rather than have the small discount which will pay for the car park and something to eat .


  • NoraWNoraW Posts: 393

    Hello Anthony, I've received the following message to pass on to you, from Sarah Sandys-Renton (a member of the team at GW Live)...

    "Dear Anthony138,

    Thank you for getting in touch about this. From what you’ve said, it sounds like the tickets that you saw were being sold on Groupon. These tickets were taster / half day tickets. Groupon is a good way to reach those who may not previously have been aware of the show, by offering an introductory, afternoon-only ticket. BBC Gardeners’ World Live is one of the largest garden shows in the country and has enough going on to fill a whole day, or even two whole days. We hope that those who enjoyed their half day with Groupon will return in the future with a full ticket. I hope that this answers your query.

    Warm regards,


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