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Lavatera Barnsley Baby

I have 3 of these plants ( new this year ). So far they are almost 3ft tall but no sign of flowers. The leaves are all healthy. Should I pinch off the growing tip? 

Thanks in advance for any help.



  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,937

    What a pretty plant - I may keep an eye out for one or two myself.

    If you pinch the top out it will slow upward growth and make the plants bushier.
    It won't have any effect on flowering.
    Assuming there are no problems with the plants, they'll flower when they're ready

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  • jabsyjabsy Posts: 54

    Mine are the same height and have a load of flower buds,some already flowering.  However, It's my second year of having them in the garden, and only the first time I've seen it flower. So maybe it's just settling in? 

  • Eileen107Eileen107 Posts: 94

    Thank you Pete8 & jabsy for your replies.

    jabsy did you pinch out the top tip of yours or have you left it to keep growing taller?

  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,994

    Lavatera x clementii ‘Barnsley’ is a beauty. You will find useful cultivation advice at

    I planted a potted specimen (#1) in June 2014 and it flowered a little in the summer. I cut it back hard at the end of winter in 2015 and it flowered profusely. I took a cutting and planted it directly in the soil (specimen #2). In 2016 both #1 and #2 flowered profusely, but #2 flowered about one month later than the original specimen #1.

    In early 2017 I found out that specimen #1 had not survived the winter and I pulled it out. Then I cut back hard specimen #2 but unfortunately it died too. I had taken a cutting, which is now growing in a pot, not very vigorously but I expect it will be OK for planting this autumn.

    So, do be patient with your specimens, they will certainly give a great show next year. Pruning is necessary but problematic, as you can kill the plant if you overdo it. Anyway remember that those plants are known to be short-lived (3 to 5 years). Do take cuttings, they are easy to grow.





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  • Eileen107Eileen107 Posts: 94

    Thanks for your reply Papi Jo. Will check out the site you mention.


  • jabsyjabsy Posts: 54

    I've just left mine as they are, if they grew too big I might but they're a nice height with plenty of buds 

  • enilorac2enilorac2 Posts: 75

    Papi Jo, when is the best time to take cuttings, please? Do you have any tips for doing so.

    Many thanks.

  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,601

    I bought one about 18 inches high, the following year it was 5 feet, its like a tree, it gets very messy in the high winds, so I often have to cut bits off it kind of "pours" over the path and garden, I will take some cutting, probably never have one like this again, Autum or spring? anyone

  • Papi JoPapi Jo Posts: 3,994

    @ enilorac2,

    You can take cuttings after the soft stems have hardened a little, so really any time from now onwards. Do take more than one cutting, put them in a pot and follow usual procedure for cuttings. Should be ready for planting in Spring next year.


    See also this other forum discussion:

    You are invited to a virtual visit of my garden (in English or in French).
  • I have recently bought a Lavatera Barnsley baby and put it in a large pot in my garden , and it's looking well .But has some of the leaves are a pale green and are dropping of , does anyone know why this is happening .

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