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I have a number of varieties of nerine sarniensis, some un-named, just numbers, in pots which have not yet flowered. Most of them are about 12yrs old and a variety of colours. I have kept them in pots until they were bursting out and the bulbs crawling on top of each other as I know they like to be closely packed. They have had their Spring rest and will soon begin to come into leaf and flower. I am unsure of the best compost to use to repot some of them to persuade them to flower. Last year I fed them with potash which seems to have helped so will repeat that this year. I think some of the bulbs could still not have reached flowering size which would explain the lack of flowers and I suppose some of the un-named ones could be shy flowerers. Having waited this long I am not going to give up now but would like a small reward for my patience. None of them are the more common bright pink or white, the colours I have had so far have been vermillion with crystalline gold, purple, salmon striped and white dusted with crystalline sparkle.

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