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Advice on caring for new lawn

Hi folks. I recently took the decision to completely replace my existing lawn, which was in a very bad condition. A heavy clay soil had caused the surface to severely crack, and the drainage was extremely poor.

So I had the top layer of soil excavated, and put in a drainage system. I needed 40 tons of replacement topsoil over this. I've now put down some new turf, and I must say the garden has never looked better. Mowing will now be a pleasure.

But I want to keep it this way. I've read about aeration of the lawn to allow air to get down to the roots, and help drainage. How often would you recommend doing this? Can you suggest any other important things I should be doing to help the lawn stay in good condition?

If I only manage to do one thing right in the garden, it must be to keep the lawn healthy and looking nice.

Thanks for any tips.



  • PerkiPerki Rossendale - LancashirePosts: 1,737

    Hi . I aerate my lawn at least once a year but twice normally, once in autumn ( late sept - oct ) and at the beginning of the season March and top dress with sandy / soil mix can be bought in bags but expensive , if you have poor drainage sharp sand will do.

    The lawn needs scarifying to remove moss / thatch, same again late autumn and March

    Spring and summer feed, normally feed twice sometimes three during the growing season and if you wish with a autumn and winter feed. Some feeds have moss killer in and lawn weed killer in as well. 

    Dont cut to short it will weaken the grass letting in weeds etc , if you can cut little and often. 

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