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imageimageFirst picture is in the park.  Second, my garden.  Both photos taken today.  I'm one of a group of volunteer gardeners that looks after a small park in our neighbourhood.  Two years ago we sowed nasturtiums in a large raised bed, and they came back exuberantly last year and this.  I sowed some in this narrow border at home which I'd cut from the edge of the lawn.  Nothing happened, so last year I transplanted some of the supernumerary seedlings from the park.  They were slow to get growing, but did eventually grow and flower,  weeks after the park ones.  They dropped plenty of seeds, which I left to their own devices, as this works so well at the park.  And they're pathetic.  Same plants, same weather, about 300 yards apart.  Is my soil impoverished by its history of growing grass?  The bed at the park gets mulched with bark or woodchip every year, would that help?


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    You mentioned your soil is impoverished by the history of growing a lawn. The lawn soil may be more compacted than impoverished. In fact, your lawn soil could be very fertile. The soil might be quite heavy for it? Just mix some grit into the soil and some compost to allow for light soil. The problem with Nasturtiums, too rich a soil, it will produce lots of lovely leaves and not a lot of its flowers. Dry dusty soil, the leaves may become tatty, but there tends to be more flowers.

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    Chrissie, I can't grow sweet corn, last year I managed to raise about 12 seedlings, which I planted out,fed and watered.  And there they stayed, all summer long, and didn't grow a millimetre.  Muddle, my garden has two working ends and they meet in the middle!  Thanks everyone for your advice about sturtiums.  I don't know how to neglect them more than I do already, so perhaps I'll stick to marigolds and Welsh poppies which love my garden

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    josusa I can't grow nasturtiums either. "Once you have them you can't get rid of them"...tosh. I have to plant them every year. Mine have two leaves each about the size of a penny at the moment! Some plants are just crooked.

    My mum's looks like your park. image

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    They got there in the end, better late than never!  And some fantastic colours; I love those deep red ones, and I'll try to catch their seeds.  Those by the strawberries are such a bright orange I almost need sunglasses to admire them.

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