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Firstly nice to be here.Hope someone can tell me whats up with my cuccumber/ gherkin plant.I live in southern Spain.My plants were growing really well then the last week the leaves have started going yellow.They are grown outside in part shade but latetly the temps have soared  to the point that some mornings the plants are wilting.Also i gave the plants a calcium magnesiym feed 1 tsp to 8 litres of water Im wondering if this may be the cause even though since only straight water has been used.Im a novice gardener so any advice as what to do so i dont encounter this problem again and hopefully an answer to the problem and if the plants will be ok.



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  • Hi Lantana

    I water last thing at night and first thing in morning about 8 am.I have got water on the leaves at times but normaly water by hand to the base.Its hard to keep up with the water at times with the heat and winds we get.

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    I doubt that the magnesium/calcium feed would cause the problem, and if there was a deficiency, you would have fixed it. Only 1 application is usually needed with Mg/Ca.
    It may be that your plants have been heat-stressed, or maybe they are hungry unless they're planted in very fertile soil, if the temps. are down a bit now, have you tried giving them a general purpose plant food? Something like Miracle Grow here in the uk

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  • It looks like a dripper system then.Im guessing cuccumbers are thirsty plants I am growing tomatoes in the same place and fingers crossed no problems so far.Ill see if i can find some miracle grow The ground here is a red clay like soil and full of rocks.Ill look into adding something for autumn growing I wont give up im very persistant


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