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Greenhouse Frame

Hi, new to this forum and new to greenhouses. Just purchased a second had 6x8 greenhouse. I have cleaned all the glass, before friends and I start putting it up I would like to clean the very dirty frame. What is the best thing to use on the aluminium frame?.

I have read all sorts, bleach, Jayes fluid but concerned it may cause damage. Am I better off using white vinegar or do forum users know something better please.

Thanks in advance

Andy from Sheffield


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,943

    I know you shouldn't use vinegar in an aluminium saucepan as I think it stains it and reacts with it. If it were me, I'd probably use a brillo pad/scourer and elbow grease

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  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530

    Sounds as though you have the right kind of friends!. I'd lay on beer and sarnies, and give them all Brillo pads.

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Aluminium does get pitted over time and nothing you can do about it. Common or garden dirt will come off with a scrubbing brush and hot soapy water. I would put a splash of jeyes fluid in it as well. 

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  • Thanks for the reply, I am in the same mind to be honest, bit of elbow grease and soapy water ?

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