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Climbing rose looking very sad

We inherited a lovely climbing rose, don't know its name. Every year it succumbs to blackspot no matter how we spray and feed. This year after glorious flowering we had the heatwave and now the flowers are all crisped and dead and hardly a green leaf in sight.  Would cutting back, feeding and spraying bring it back to life and possibly flower again? Its always well watered as its by the back door and receives washing up water on a regular basis.


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,933

    If a rose has blackspot you need to remove all the infected leaves that drop off and fall to the ground at the end of the season - don't compost them. If you leave them where they are, the blackspot will return the following year. This is the reason my roses always get blackspot :)

    In order to help with the other problems a photo or two would be a big help

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  • GrajeanGrajean Posts: 429

    Thank you. Just raked up as many dead leaves as possible, tricky on gravel though.

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