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Hellebores - Groupon Offer

Emsy2017Emsy2017 Posts: 20

Hi there

I'm new to gardening and new to the forum.  I've just purchased some hellebores (Double Ellen) from Gardening Express.  Despite the horrendous feedback for them at the moment they arrived and look healthy.

But, they were packaged appallingly, some of the pots were broken and they were simply in a large cardboard box (they're not big!) with bin bags around the bottoms and much of the soil spilled out.

After a bit of TLC they look ok.  I just wondered if anyone had any opinions on how best to care for them during this hot weather.  Ideally I'd like to keep them in pots for now.

Any thoughts or advice?

Many thanks in advance.




  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 3,996

    Shade and water is what they need. Try to keep the roots cool. They hate having their feet overheat.

  • Yes, I agree with Berghill.  I had some from Hayloft a couple of months ago - they were plug plants which I potted into 3 inch pots, and are now in the shade - 9 out of the 10 are growing well.  I water and spray them every day.  I will probably plant out next spring into their final growing place, in shade with dappled sunlight.

  • Emsy2017Emsy2017 Posts: 20
    Berghill says:

    Shade and water is what they need. Try to keep the roots cool. They hate having their feet overheat.

    See original post

     Thank you so much for this advice.  I have kept them in the shade and they seem to be doing ok.  Unfortunately Gardening Express didn't label any of them so I'll have to make an educated guess as to which is which when they flower!

  • Emsy2017Emsy2017 Posts: 20

    Thank you for your advice too Guernsey Donkey2!  I'm going to grow some basic white ones from seed in the autumn, thought I'd give it a whirl!  The ones I got from Gardening Express are 'Double Ellens'.  I love the colours and can't wait to see them flower for the first time.

  • We only had the basic white variety in the big flower bed, in the Autumn I will plant out my 7 surviving doubles (sorry don't have the variety names to hand), they are a mix of  exciting colours.

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