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Naming this plant

Afternoon all, ive posted pics before whilst this plant was in bud, but as you can see it is now in bloom. Does anyone know or have any ideas what it could be.

many thanks laura 


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  • Perhaps a Lacecap Hydrangea?  although the leaves look far more glossy than usual ... 

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    Agreed, it's Hygrangea Seemannii. Will be climbing up something. I think you posted a picture earlier when it was in bud. I thought it was a Gardenia because of the leaves. But it's definitely not. A lovely plant to have. Just give it a prune in early spring if you need to.

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  • Laura119Laura119 Posts: 5

    Thank you all for your replies, I've looked it up and it most definitely looks like a Hydrangea seemannii.

    thank you again 

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