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HS2 is costing billions so that people in Birmingham can get to London 20 minutes quicker.

Why not buy everyone in Birmingham an alarm clock so that they can leave home earlier?

In fact, they could buy everyone who lives north of Watford an alarm clock and still be quids in.

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    Ah but it also means you can get away from London quicker

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  • B3B3 Posts: 11,451

    We can have clocks too. There'll still be plenty of money left.

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  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 19,444

    High speed trains have made a huge difference to accessibility between cities here on the continent - Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany are the ones I've used and it certainly beats short hop air travel.

    The UK desperately needs some upgrades to its train systems but I do wonder if money wouldn't be better spent on improving the lines it has as well as the rolling stock and stations so you can get more passengers thru in comfort and safety.  I can remember having to stand all the way from Euston to Manchester for weeks on end in the early 80s.  Things have not improved.

    It would surely be cheaper in the long run to change bridges to cope with double decker trains and lengthen platforms on the busiest commuter lines and upgrade tracks to take faster trains on long distances between big cities without digging up whole swathes of countryside and urban areas for completely new lines.  

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    B3 ...image. By the time HS2 is built, won't alarm clocks be a bit old hat ?  Robots will be dragging the recalcitrant workers out of bed at the right timeimage

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 19,444

    Or just doing the work!

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    B3   I do like your alternative solution.

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    We could do for alarm clocks what Switzerland did for cuckoo clocks.

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    Just another excuse for £billions to be spent helping London. 

    Generations of Londoncentric governments can't see beyond London. 

    £Billions spent on M25 widening, £billions of Heathrow, £billions on Cross rail, £billions on extending Underground lines.

    Almost a billion on Wembley? why? it's still in the middle of a residential area with rubbish transport links. Why not build it next to the NEC ? 2 motorways, an airport close byand about 15,000 car parking spaces next to it and a helluva lot easier to get to for the overwhelming majority of the country.

    But it's not London.

    The rest of the county pay tax too and what do we get?

    I'm more than happy to live here, but the nearest railway station is an hour's drive away. They can't even sort out the mess of all trains going to the SW having to go along the sea front at Dawlish. They keep saying it's going to be improved, much like the hideous traffic bottlenecks if you drive here. 

    But this isn't London.

    Rant over. 


  • B3B3 Posts: 11,451

    Most  of that money  didn't  benefit  most  Londoners either. 

    I never  met a single person  who had a paid  job for the Olympics 

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  • On a similar note, The railway network would benefit from a Birmingham H-STD:  Higher-Speed Talking Dialect infrastructure.

    Theoooyyy jussst tawwwllllkkk seeoowwww sleeeooooooowlllllooooy!!!

    If this was addressed, the cumulative effect caused by hundreds of Brummie ticket buyers at booths in Birmingham and London would enable trains to set off 3 hours earlier, thus alleviating the need for a high speed network altogether.

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