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Metallic brown spots on Tomato leaves

About a week ago, I noticed aphids and little white bugs had moved in on most of our 20 tomato plants. Within 2 or 3 days I sprayed them with a mixture of 2 tsp Dawn dish soap to a quart of water. This mostly took care of the bugs. We had rain a couple of times after this. Now, I've got brown spots on lower to mid leaves that appear metallic on the underside. The attached pictures are from various plants, that are otherwise doing well. Is this aphid damage? Damage from the Dawn? (I've since read that may not be so good for them..should have listened to the husband) Something else entirely? I can't find anything similar online. Its showing up on disease resistant hybrids (Yaqui) and heirlooms. I havent noticed spreading as of yet, but some of the leaves completely dry up and die, and some of the stems then just fall off. I've posted a full plant pic of my Sun Sugar but its pretty busy so I can post a pic of another full plant if it would be helpful.imageimageimageimageimage


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