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Diseases violas

Hello! I'm hoping someone can help me. I've recently planted lots of lovely violas in pots. However one of my pots isn't doing very well. The leaves have turned a purpley/brown colour with yellow spots and the flowers have wilted. I've looked into common diseases but am yet to find anything that looks similar? Does anyone know what this is? And how I could treat it? Many thanks in advance!image


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    The photograph is a little too close. On this pot, is it just this corner bit? If so, I think you should snip it off. I'm sure the plant will not be affected. Where are you keeping this pot. What kind of Viola is it? How often are you watering the pot?

  • Thank You for replying! This is the only pot affected. However there are quite a few leaves that have this on and the flowers are closing up and look quite wilted! It is in my front garden which gets the sun in the afternoon through to early evening. And I water once a day, usually in the evening when it's cooler. I will try and cut the affected bits off and hope for the best! Do you think this is the best thing to do? 

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    If you have other Violas also growing in pots, I would say to be on the safe side, keep them away from this pot. Some leaf spot diseases are air-bourne. For now cut off the affected areas and don't be afraid to remove a bit more just in case. Carry on with how you were caring for it. Always clean any blades/scissors thoroughly after use to avoid any cross contamination. Hopefully, your plant will recover.

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