Apple Tree - Woolly Aphid?

imageHi, I have a very elderly cooking apple tree in my garden. It still gives some fruit and I like it so wish to keep it. This summer I suddenly noticed a dreadful amount of sort of white fluff and the leaves on the new shoots look in poor health. I have looked on the internet and I suspect this might be woolley aphid. I would really like to save the tree if I can, so would appreciate advice on if this looks like woolley aphid and also the best treatment. I believe I should hose and scrub off what I can see. I would be willing to spray (I don't really like messing about with chemicals) if that was best in which case advice on what to use would be much appreciated. Hopefully I have managed to attach photos ok. Thanks for any help, I really would love to save this tree. Jill.

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  • Sorry, that's an awful photo, I've tried to add another but can't. There are some instructions on the forum about clicking a green tree icon but I can't see one anywhere, all I can see if a camera symbol but when I click on it and try to click on a photo nothing seems to happen. Thanks, Gillian

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    The camera icon is the right one Gillian, but sometimes the photos won't load because they're too big.

    If you reduce the size it should help. I resize all mine to less than 2.5 MB image

  • Thanks, I'm afraid I don't know how to resize a photo, I have looked on the internet but I can't match the instructions to what appears on my computer, it says click on edit and resize but when I click on edit I don't get a resize option. It seems it's a JPG file I don't know if that's right or not?

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