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Dog Pee Helping My New Lawn


Last October I seeded a new lawn which has grown... OK... I've spent a fair few days here and there pulling out the bigger weeds and getting it growing nice.

My problem is that where the dog pees it enhances the growth of the grass which then gets taller, so he pees on it again... and so on and so fourth. I've got about 15 spots of fast thick growing grass which needs cut every week whereas the rest is much slower growing.

Because the grass is getting greener because of his pee I am led to believe that there is a lack of nitrogen in the soil.

Before seeding I put down growmore... but I'm guessing not enough? I've got lots of it left, should I reapply and water it in?

I've also got a creeping clover which has popped up in the last few weeks which I'm going to have to use weedkiller on :(

Any help appreciated


  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653

    I had the same problem last year with my new puppy Border Terrier but this year I've noticed it's all caught up and is level again. 

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  • James241James241 Posts: 3

    Thanks. What I'm trying to determine is if this is a sign of an under fed lawn or not and if applying more growmore is a suitable method of bringing the rest of the lawn up to scratch.

  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653

    I'm sure it would - unfortunately my pooch decided to fertilise the couch grass! image I use a liquid lawn feed from Wilko, but only do so after rain. In this weather it would scorch the grass. I used it on the areas that seemed drier & struggling e.g. the areas near conifers or the leylandii hedge which drains all the moisture 

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  • James241James241 Posts: 3

    OK, I'll give it a go then I guess!


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