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Hydrangea red leaves

My huge old hydrangea has developed some red leaves. Some of them die off at the edges. Some leaves have dropped off. It is a very vigorous plant, prolific in flowers. I have been recommended to use what is in affect epsom salts to help with a magnesium deficiency. Some of the flowers, just coming out are blue-ish, presumably due to the epsom salts. It has never shown any blue before. Is this the correct treatment for this condition? I read somewhere that it might be caused by a phosphorous deficiency. Will the epsom salts help with this (If its true) or do I need something else?


  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    sounds like its dry,

    even establish shrubs need watering in the weather we've had recently,

    I'd give it a good soak, hydrangeas love water so you can't give it too much, might not help the leaves that have changed colour but it might help the ones that are still green stay green!

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