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Honeysuckle serotina

Please can anyone advise.....

I have a honeysuckle growing against wall, flowers ever year, healthy.

Currently still in late stages of flowering, but got home from work last week to discover my neighbour has chopped off her honeysuckle (our two intertwined, two different types) and now mine is dying VERY quickly.  The top of plant (about 6feet tall) is now dried, withered and crumbling by the day......

I know it was far too early to cut back and now I do not know what to do......should I just cut it right back to base? Probably risking no flowers next year? ????


  • lilysillylilysilly Posts: 511

    I had to chop my Serotina back hard a few weeks ago. It is growing against our shed and was so vigorous and heavy it's wire supports needed replacing. I tried at first untangling it but soon gave up and chopped it back. I fed it, watered it really well and gave it the last of my leaf mould as a deep mulch. It's growing back with vigour. I've put up proper big eyelets and new wire and see it as an opportunity to train it better this time. I'm sure it will flower next year. 

    I would therefore say chop yours back too, if it's showing signs of distress at your neighbours treatment of it you have nothing to lose. You could then train your honeysuckle away from theirs so it won't get tangled with their variety.

  • fiemfiem Posts: 2

    Thank you Lilysilly,

    i have spent last hour chopping it all back. I'll keep fingers crossed mine does as well as yours!

    i spoke to my neighbour too--appears theirs had some form of mildew, so glad the two plants are not intertwined anymore!

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