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Pond dye

Do pond dyes work to prevent algae and blanket weed? Are they safe for wildlife?


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    There have been a few threads on this over the past week or so Joan.
    I'd suggest using the search facility on the site, but frankly it's hopeless.
    You could trawl back through the posts and I'm sure you'll come across them.

    I imagine the dye's do work as they prevent sunlight entering more then a few inches into the water. With this in mind, I'd imagine that you wouldn't be able to see anything under the surface of your pond. I certainly don't know this as a fact and I maybe wrong. Along the same lines, if you have free floating plants like many oxygenators that float mid-water and plants lower down in the pond, no sunlight will reach them.

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  • Put in a new small wildlife pond 2 weeks ago and  filled it with rainwater.  So it's very new in terms of  balance, but did add pond dye and it seem ok, until  this weekend when the  temperature hit the 28C mark and have some  surface  algae appearing. The pond in the main is clear, so I just added  more surface plants to  obtain the 70 percent  covering which  I am told is needed. But have to say the dye does seem to be working in keeping down algae and  the frogs and toads seem very happy in their new home.

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    Hope that helps. 

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    I have never used it, I have plants in mine.

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  • Lyn

    Yes I have plants in mine as well and they all seem to growing very nicely. The  dye just helps to  maintain clear water, but  I understand why some wouldn't use it, but it does help. 

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    If you have enough plants there's no need to use additives, but then mine  is purely a wildlife pond so wouldn't use anything anyway. My pond water is crystal clear.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • It's all about choice. My new wildlife pound has frogs, toads and is  teaming with  insects and I use pond dye to help.  Who knows down the road when my pond and the plants are mature I might not need to use  it, but that's for other day.

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