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Garden bugs

I only really have a flowerbed when it comes to my garden, the rest is concrete. I worked on the flowerbed about a year or so ago then left it until now - it is completely overgrown with weeds and ivy which has grown from the wall. I started weeding today and was astonished at the amount of woodlice, spiders, beetles etc living in the flowerbed image is anyone else terrified of bugs? As I dont know if I can face finishing the weeding.

Also, the woodlice got to my last strawberry plant, is here anything that can be done to prevent this?


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,521

    All those insects and arachnids can be a bit offputting but look closely at them (from a safe distance) and you will find a lot of beauty. Wear gloves when gardening and you won't have to suffer tiny legs tickling your fingers.

    Now you have started to remove the weeds, the woodlice may disperse. They like dark places.

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